Hawaii Money Resource with guest Donald LaPlume – Podcast 5-9-2018

Hawaii Money Resource hosted by Marko Mijuskovic CExP™ with guest Donald LaPlume. 

Asirvia began their journey in February 2017 to create a community where the promise of The Network Marketing Profession would finally come true. To build an opportunity that anyone of any means can join. If they are coachable and willing to work, they can succeed. To create a company that would train, support, and guide everyone from a brand new entrepreneur to a seasoned network marketing professional. A place where no one could be hurt financially, only helped. A safe community in the network marketing space, where people can put down roots, invite everyone they truly care about and make a difference not only to those they know today but to all who come after them. To inspire a movement that will outlive all of us and change the world. A place with friends, family, and success, no matter how you define it, that you can call home.