Michael Schulte

Michael Schulte earned a bachelor’s degree in finance from UNLV and began his financial services practice with WestPac Wealth Partners in 2012 with the goal of helping families and business owners make smart financial decisions that allow them to live on their terms for the rest of their life regardless of what life events and opportunities come their way.

Following the financial crisis of 2008, Michael became fixated on understanding its causes and the havoc that it created in people’s lives. Learning about these events left Michael with a passion for helping people understand their finances rather than just doing what they are told by media personalities and financial “gurus.”

His approach to financial planning is one based on education and coaching. It is a philosophy that empowers his clients to make smart financial decisions that are based on empirical evidence.

Michael was born in Orange, California and raised in Henderson, Nevada. He currently has offices in both Las Vegas, Nevada, and Casper, Wyoming and splits time between the two locations. In his spare time, Michael enjoys playing sports, hiking, reading and spending time with his beautiful wife Devon.